OnePlus Nord Review Why spend more ?

So some of 2020 so far has been pretty typical as far as depressingly dependable greens and picnic rune and drizzles are concerned. As far as smartphones go it’s actually been pretty bloody exciting especially if you happen to not have a huge whopping wads of cash stuffed in your shorts.

Just in the last few weeks I’ve seen a half dozen brilliant mid range mobiles launched and I’ve been feverishly reviewing those instead of do my usual topping up my non existent tan down in Herne Bay but in a strange kind of way it’s all felt like it’s been leading up to this moment here the launch of the one plus Nord which just happens to be one plus his first mid range smartphone in half a decade starting at just 379 quid .

one plus nord

This 5g ready phone packs enough smarts to satisfy most users once again begging that question, why would you stump up a grand on one of them spangly apple or Samsung flagships? But is it really all that and a bag of pork scratchings?

Well, I’ve been using the one plus node as my full time personal smartphone for about a week now. And here is my in depth review. And from all the latest greatest tech please do pop subscribe and ding that notifications Bell jazz. Now I’ve got to say right off the bat.

I kind of half fell in love with the node The moment I slipped it from that oversized box and clasped it in my fist for the very first time, the nonstop trickles of information and teasers and everything from one plus over the last couple of months meant that I was pretty much bored of the node before it even officially launched. But all of that changed when I actually clasp it in my sweaty little mitts. That blue marble finish is an absolute delight.

It’s bold and bright in a way that draws the eye and calms the soul. And I can definitely say that my constant murderous rage was subdued every time I had a peek at that one person towards rear end there really is a shame the most foreign manufacturers tend to shy away from this kind of vibrant design.

one plus new nord

But don’t worry if you’re a bit of a boring get because you can also grab the one plus node in gray onyx, which is about as exciting as it sounds as well as looking great. The node also feels fantastic. At 6.4 inches. It’s not exactly compact, but it’s certainly more manageable and most 6.5 inch plus beasts from 20 Well, rounded corners and edges make free comfortable grip. It’s a toughly bugger to with a good bit of Gorilla Glass.

Five plates in front and back as well and even get a pre installed screen protector on there for extra insurance. And while sure isn’t water resistant, unlike the one plus eight flagship smartphone.

I can confirm that the Lord can happily deal with the standard amount of British summertime rain, one of my favorite parts of one plus phones is always the excellent oxygen West launcher, which offers a very similar experience to the flagship one plus eight handsets, you get that stock Android five but with much improved customization for tweaking the UI colors, tones, fonts and other elements.

All of the best Android 10 elements are present as usual. So for instance, of course, you’ve got a good bit of dark mode action just to jazz things up a bit. And well there’s no full on always on display option you can just give that screen to that’ll tap and bring up the time, the date and any weights and notification icons as well.

So they should know whether to bother waking up the handset and having to play around one plus is trademark alert slider is back once again as well. So you can silence the Nord in a jiffy. And I had no issues at all with the in display fingerprint sensor all that excellent face unlock both of which are quick to work and rarely fail and one plus

Definitely also deserve some kudos for guarantee in two years of OS updates and three years of security updates here on the node which almost matches Google’s pixel promise. Definitely a good bit of extra peace of mind that is, but anywho if you want a more in depth look at the best oxygen OS features and all the various little bits hidden away inside there.

Definitely go check out my full one plus eight and one plus eight pro tips and tricks guide which is live right now although trying to remember to put a linky thing up there somewhere. I thought my memory is more leaky than Arsenal’s defense or can’t absolutely guarantee it.

Another highlight of the one plus Nord is that 6.44 inch full HD plus an OLED screen which is one of the most stunning displays your clap eyes on around this price point in fiddle about with the color put in the display settings, but I found it was near perfect on the default vivid setting, perhaps a little warm for some tests, but those visuals are punchy and the contrast is sharp. You’d get some proper black blacks not just a very, very, very, very dark gray. In fact, the Nord will happily stream HDR 10 plus video on the likes of Netflix to with gorgeous results and so.

newly one plus nord

People may understandably be put off by the super wide your selfie orifice thing staring you in the eyes right there in that top left corner you can’t at least mask it from view if it really does offend you, it’s not the most elegant solutions.

This just puts a massive black bar across the top of the screen but it’s there if you want it. Unlike many mid range mobiles these days one person also has a 90 hertz refresh rate option and this makes everything feel slicker than marquee marks hairdo source move, as far as the audio chops, the warpless node goes well, you might want to give that downwards fiber and mono speaker mess.

It’s not exactly one of the best around you’ll definitely get much lusher audio if you hook up a pair of wireless headphones, and yeah, unfortunately they will have to be wireless unless you fancy yourself a bit dongle action because unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack here on the one plus nodes, but you do get Bluetooth 5.1 support along with some proper audio codec action as well. So streaming high fidelity tracks to my LDAP headphones was definitely a joy and no issues at all with connectivity.

Plus the direct audio tuner can suddenly enhance your sound based on what be doing be at enjoying a flick or motion at some metal core now are you fed up of pain 300 or even 400 pounds on a new smartphone and still having to put up with crap performance? Well normal thanks to Qualcomm’s mighty Snapdragon 765 g chipset stuffed inside the one plus node you can happily game on this thing all afternoon long while ignoring friends family and other annoying people but desperately craving your attention. You can basically get him on the lights and call of duty in pub g mobile and see a thumbs a little more than bloody little nubs.

Even the cheapest skew of the one plus no it still comes back in a rather generous eight gigs of DDR for Ram. Well a great and a level it gives you a frankly barmy 12 gigs of memory. My review model was that 12 Giga and it absolutely pissed through Call of Duty in pub g mobile, no problem. You get a perfectly smooth frame rate at all times no dips at all. No matter how intense things get stuck collagen is straight on the very high graphics and frame rate settings and the one plus not handled it with gusto at all.

Suddenly pub g mobile does currently top out at the HD graphics and the high frame rates you can take from advantage of the Snapdragon 765 gs grunt and everyday performance was of course predictably good on the one plus node as well.

I did have one little issue where YouTube basically completely crashed and had to be put down like a mangy dog but apart from that all good plus of course you’ve got that reliable hot 5g support as well which will come in handy if the cave dwelling conspiracy theorists don’t hack down all of the towers first also crammed inside of this sleek blue shell as a 4150 milliamp battery and this unfortunately is one area where the one plus node doesn’t impress quite as much as some rivals you see the likes of the real me x 55 g and especially the Moto G five g plus with a whopping 5000 milliamp cell will happily breeze through even a really intensive day and usually ends up with about a quarter power remain and when you’re all tucked up with Teddy with one plus Nord. However, if you stream a lot of audio, you have a lot of screen on time that you’ll definitely have one eye locked in that battery meter comm that sort of early evening time and I usually scraped it through to bedtime no problem even on an intensive day but it was very, very close on a couple of occasions.

Still linode certainly charges up again in a jiffy thanks to the nippy walk tribes 30 t tech Bananarama and like many mid ranges you get 128 gigs of storage as standard. Although if you throw a bit of extra cash at one plus you’ll get double that and that’s definitely worth doing if you shoot a lot of video, download a lot of movies etc as there’s no micro SD memory card support here. Now let’s have a gander at that react camera tech and what you get slapped on the back of the one plus Nord is a quad lens camera setup which is pretty standard for any budget to mid range smartphones in 2020.

And that premier lens is a 48 megapixel effort using Sony’s IMAX 586 sensors dependable as ever since pretty much the same camera setup right there as the one plus it flagship so once again the results are good if not quite industry leading you get 12 megapixel photos by default, you can boost that to 48 megapixels with a tap.

Those 12 meg snaps look nice and sharp on a laptop or a Telly screen colors are accurately captured unless you’re in particularly testing conditions especially indoors with the added pitfall that an emotion results in blurry pics more often than not and One plus has improved its HDR smarts these past few months so while those darker areas are still lacking in detail, it is rare to see any serious oversaturation.

An eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens can also be called on when needed. All images are slightly distorted here and colors appear warmer compared with the main lens and just real life in general. And you’ve also got a two megapixel macro lens slapped on the back of the one person or as well so you can shoot grainy pics of things up course, array portrait shots are aided along by the dedicated five megapixel depth sensor and the edge detection is usually on point the bucket style effect can’t be controlled and can be quite subtle at times.

And you’ve also got a pretty bloody good promo code here on one plus Nord, which can be called up if you actually want to have a tweak of the lights, the ISO levels, the white bands, the shutter speed, stuff like that, you’ve got a sexy but a histogram action and this could shoot JPEG images at either 12 or 48 megapixel and you’ve also got a raw format option as well. And then there’s that nightscape mode too, which helps to balance out your low light shots.

It doesn’t work wonders like the Google or Huawei alternatives and colors do generally still look a bit warm but it is When you need it swapped a video and you can record respectable looking Full HD footage or sharp a 4k rez movies with the option of 21 by nine for a more cinematic vibe. color reproduction is again perfectly natural. Although you’ll want to avoid dodgy lights. An indoor footage can typically look rather grainy audio comes through clear from all directions though an image stabilization gets a thumbs up even at Ultra HD around fun you’ve got a 32 megapixel main selfie cam using Sony’s IMAX 616 sensor, and this is decent in most conditions. Although it can struggle with strong light.

You’ve once again got portrait mode smarts as well, though again, the edge detection can be a bit shonky without a proper depth sensor and that secondary selfie lens Isn’t it like a pixel ultra wide angle alternative good if you want to fit in a bit more background action or a few minutes and now I there’s my full one plus Nord review after using it as my personal handset for a week so as you can see, it’s not quite perfect, but it’s definitely a very strong proposition indeed and a strong bit of competition for the likes the real meat x 55 g which does of course boasts better battery life but the no definitely wins it On the software front especially because of course you’ve got those guaranteed updates and then you’ve got like gorgeous all LED screen as well, which is an absolute beauty.

So what do you reckon on the one plus nor then are you tempted the greater your thoughts down below if you pre ordered it as well let us know if you’re regretting that or if you’re very, very happy indeed, certainly, I’d be happy to have this is my full time personal handset. It’s a great bit of kit. And if you haven’t already, please do subscribe ding that notifications bell. More importantly, have yourselves I love the rest of the people around me.

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