Samsung ODYSSEY G7- BEST 240Hz Monitor (In-Depth Review)


Hey, what is up to everyone and welcome back too much tech, and in today’s video, we’re going to be reviewing the 27-inch version of the Samsung Odyssey g7 Gaming monitor. I’ve been following this monitor ever since they first showed it at CES earlier this year and I’ve been using it for over a week now and here are my thoughts Was it worth the hype is worth the price?

I don’t know filing this review before we get into the consideration Feel free to drop a like and subscribe if you guys are new to the channel I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this review.

And yeah, this video was sponsored by me. I bought it, and I don’t regret it drop like because this thing was not cheap. And this is the best monitor in this price range.

Options Available

So on the spectrum this monitor this is a pretty well equipped to monitor especially for the price I really would hope it would be some they are a bit more noticeable than others. And we’ll get into that in a little bit as well.

But my version is the 27-inch version, and you can also get it in a 32-inch version. And then if you want to go crazy and spend a ton of money, you can go with the Odyssey g nine, which is a 49-inch version of this monitor with pretty much the same specs except for a higher HDR rating.

Spec Rant

The one that I have is the 27-inch version again 240-hertz refresh rate with a one millisecond response time on a 27 inch VA curved panel with Samsung’s q LED technology.

QLED and Color

And that was one of the reasons that attracted me to this monitor, not the fact that it was curved, I could care less if it was curved or not. It’s for 1000 hours. So it is a very steep curve at that but having the kulak technology that they use on our TVs that everybody knows gives you an excellent colour.

I do like the fact that this monitor does have some of the best color reproduction on a 240-hertz monitor, tried to date covers over 125% of sRGB and 98. Per cent of DCI p3 colour gamut as well. And with that kind of colour coverage along with all the gaming benefits that you get, it did attract my attention. And it didn’t disappoint as well. Honestly speaking, it’s got all the specs that I would want, and it looks fantastic.

Even though it’s a VA panel, the colours and the viewing angles are IPS, like I’ve had it sitting next to an IPS monitor the entire time that I’ve been using it. And once I changed a couple of the colour settings just to my preference, it looks very similar, and I can barely tell the difference that this is a VA panel compared to the IPS panel that I have right next to it. With that said, I would not have any issues using this as my primary monitor if I just had to have a one monitor setup that was very good for gaming as well as content creation.

Black Levels

SAMSUNG 27-inch Odyssey G7

So one thing that I noticed that was really impressive about this monitor was the black level. So not only is the colour perfect, but the black levels are fantastic when you’re playing games, just the dark areas look so good. It seems pretty realistic, as well. Of course, you can To net with the black equalizer, if you’re looking for more of competitive advantage instead of more of an immersive experience.

You can turn up and down the black equalizer to see either more detail in the darker areas of the screen or reduce detail and increase realism and those pitch-black areas on the screen. But it was weird even though it had perfect black levels during playing games and watching content when you throw up a pitch-black screen and you check out the backlight bleed is not very good.

The backlight bleed, I would say is pretty subpar. But the weird thing is, it never bothered me and just regular use of the monitor if I’m using it to edit videos or photos are watching anything that does have dark areas.

More Features

I was never really able to tell where the backlight bleed was bad unless I threw up a pitch-black screen the display does feature and video g sync compatibility as well as AMD freesync. I was hoping that it did have a real g sync module, but it’s not that big of a deal.

One of the main reasons why I was kind of hoping Getting it increases the brightness for the dark parts on the screen, so it works a little bit backwards. I don’t know why they did that way, but it works pretty well.

Now in terms of their response time, I’ll throw up the test on the screen right now that I did on blur busters calm with a monitor set to 240 hertz and adaptive sync on and off depending on which model it is, as I’m going through the slides, you’ll see that the standard mode it did pretty decent. Still, it does get a little bit better and better.

Motion Blur Tests

As you turn up the response time the image, the little alien guy gets a little bit sharper, a little bit sharper each time. And there’s not much chromatic ghosting or anything like that. So that’s good. My preference was just using it on the fastest plus the motion blur reduction mode.

And I would use that with the low input delay. Now you can change the low input delay, and if you prefer to have the adaptive sync, you can turn on the adaptive sync. But while I was playing with the MBR mode and the low input lag, I didn’t notice any screen tearing at all, which is good.

Low Input Lag & MBR

So I wonder if it’s like a similar system to how Ben Q’s diet plus and all that It pretty much does an outstanding job at matching what my other monitor does. So they maintain a similar amount of brightness across the board. Even when I have it set to just my preferred gaming mode,

No Profiles

My biggest gripe with a monitor other than the stand, and I’ll get to that in a second. But the second biggest complaint that I have is just the fact that in the on-screen display, they don’t have a profile setting so you can’t set up like if this were my primary monitor, I would want to have a photo and video editing mode and then I would want to have a gaming mode. But unfortunately, I can’t set up those profiles.

Luckily for me, I already have another screen that I do all my content creation, so it’s not a big priority. But if this were my primary monitor and my only monitor, I would be pretty upset that it didn’t have profiles and I’ll have to go in and adjust every little setting every time that I wanted to switch between gaming and content creation.

Poor HDR w/ Windows

Another big gripe I have with this monitor. If you are looking for excellent HDR performance, this is not it. So when you turn on Windows HDR.
Just not it is good, and everything else just HDR is that one thing that doesn’t shine in that particular area. Hmm, enough about how the screen looks because it looks excellent and I have very little wrong to say about the screen quality.


If I had to rate the design on a scale of one to 10, I will give it a seven just because I would take off two points for the stand. And then another full score for the RGB not really being that noticeable and then the USB ports being in such a weak spot. So the USB ports let’s talk about that first.

You got to underneath the monitor, and you better plug them in while you’re setting up the monitor because you will never just be able to reach around quickly and plugin and unplug something in the USB ports. Very hard to reach. I wish they had them on the bottom of the monitor and super accessible similar to how Alienware has theirs at the bottom of their monitor. It’s effortless to reach.

Big Stand

I don’t know why they didn’t copy that particular feature. They really should have. Secondly, the stand is fresh. Okay, it looks all right. You got some built-in cable managers. This monitor does not have a speaker. So by separate speakers, if it did have speakers today probably would be pretty bad. So don’t even worry about it. The RGB on the back of this monitor is kind of cool.

RGB Lighting

You can change the colours of it in the settings in the on-screen display and have it either set to like a rainbow mode or whatever static colour you want to set it to the RGB on the front of the monitor. I don’t know why is there it’s not even on the front of the monitor is really on the bottom because also to see the RGB when you’re looking at it from just a regular angle. You can’t notice it at all. You have to look underneath the monitor to see the RGB on the front.

What do I think of it?

So overall, what do I think of the Samsung Odyssey g seven? Well, I’ll be honest with you this did replace my primary monitor being the ACS Vg 27 aq. I like that one quite a bit—1440 p IPS. Helpful Stan, that wasn’t too big. I sold that one in anticipation for this one. And this one. I’m not upset that I sold it because my
The plan was, if I don’t like this monitor, I’m just going to go back to that one. And I like this one a lot better than that monitor.


I’m not going back now a Soos is releasing an updated Vg 27 aq at the end the month on July 31. So I guess if I did have any big gripes with this one, I would probably just upgrade to that. I might still review it anyway, since I did like the Vg 27 aq anyways, and I’m sure that that monitor is going to be a lot cheaper than this one other than the price point of between seven to $800.

SAMSUNG 27-inch Odyssey G7 - QHD 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor

Depending on if you want the 27 or the 32-inch version of this monitor, I would recommend this monitor is going to give you pretty much best in class everything you get 1440 DPI resolution 240-hertz refresh rate, speedy response time and low input lag pretty decent designs is not overly gay Marie in terms of how it looks from the front of the monitor and honestly speaking, there isn’t much else that’s out or coming out that competes with it directly and does a good job.

We’ll see at the end of the year when it comes out, but I’m not too sure how I’m going to feel about it. And if I had to replace it now, as I do, I don’t know what else I would get because it doesn’t have any good competition out there. Dell Alienware doesn’t seem like they’re interested in making a 1440 p monitor at 240 hertz right now, maybe next year or the year after, they just might. But right now, it doesn’t look to be as if there’s anything on the horizon except for the 360-hertz monitor at 25 inches and 1080 p resolution, which honestly isn’t that big of a deal because there’s been some leaked pricing of 360-hertz monitors.

And it looks like those monitors will be around 12 to 1400 dollars. So honestly, I’m thinking that the g7 at seven $800 is looking pretty good. I don’t regret my purchase, and I won’t be returning it either. So this is my new primary gaming monitor.


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